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KANGERTECH® EVOD Battery 1000 mAh

KANGERTECH® EVOD Battery 1000 mAh

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Part Number:K100

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1000 mAh Battery #1 Color
1000 mAh Battery #1 Color2
Wall Plug to USB Adapter
Wall Plug to USB Adapter [+$3.39]
USB Battery Charger
USB Battery Charger [+$4.39]

Not all EVOD’s are created equal.  Our genuine KANGERTECH® EVOD Batteries are comparably priced to many EVOD “look alikes”, clones and no-name Batteries. USB Cable Not Included.

To Operate:

The battery has a power saving/safety function which allows you to turn on and off the battery. In the “off” mode, the battery will not function. To turn on the battery, press the recessed fire button 5 times in 3 seconds, the fire button flashes 3 times. The battery is now ready to use. To turn off the battery, press the fire button 5 times in 3 seconds. The fire button flashes 3 times and the battery is off. When the battery power is low the fire button flashes 15 times indicating the battery needs charging. 

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