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Vaping Glossary

Our Glossary

If you are new to using e-Cigarettes and vaping we wanted to provide you with some common terms “lingo” currently used.  We hope this helps in the introduction process and with ordering.

Vape or Vaping:   The act of using electronic cigarettes.

Vapor:  The mist or steam cloud emitted by electronic cigarettes.  “Simulates smoke”

Draw:  The act of pulling air through the tip of an electronic cigarette to inhale heated e-liquids.  Like a cigarette user taking a “drag” or “hit”.

Battery:  Hardware that provides power to heat the e-liquid in the clearomizer (tank) All VAPOR A LA CARTE batteries are rechargeable.

mAh:  An abbreviation for milliampere/hour-a measurement of how long a battery will last before it needs to be recharged.  Examples:  a 650 mAh battery provides approximately 6.5 hours of usage before recharging.  A 1000 mAh battery provides approximately 10 hours of usage before recharging.  VAPOR A LA CARTE offers both the 650 mAh and the 1000 mAh Batteries.

Variable Voltage (VV) Batteries:   Allows the user to increase or decrease the output voltage.  These batteries allow you to find the best voltage for your vaping needs which may vary from e-liquid to e-liquid.

Passthrough Batteries:  These are batteries that allow you to directly connect a USB cable to the bottom of your e-cigarette battery.  The beauty of the battery is that you can recharge it from your computer or auto and vape while charging.  Passthrough batteries are available as individual sales or in “starter kits”. 

Starter Kit: A great way to introduce a person to vaping!  Most starter kits include two batteries, two clearomizers, a USB cable and wall plug.  Let VAPOR ALACARTE help you personalize your starter kit.

E-Liquid:  This is the liquid that is vaporized when using an electronic cigarette.

Clearomizer:  A tank that can use either a wick(s) or coil(s) as the element to heat the e-liquid.

Note:  Clearomizers are rated in “ohms”.  Common ohm ratings are:  1.8, 2.2, 2.4, and 2.5.  Both disposable and rebuildable varieties are available. 

Ohms:  A measure of electrical resistance (how freely electricity is able to travel).   The Lower the ohm number, the warmer your vapor production. Warmer vapor production will result in a stronger throat hit and can change the vaping flavor of your e-liquid.

Coils:  (Sometimes called a head).  The internal component in the clearomizer that heats up.  Some clearomizer coils are replaceable and will typically last between 7 and 10 days.  VAPOR A LA CARTE offers replacement coils in various ohms.  Please see our Shop pages for further information.

Charger:  The device that recharges the batteries.  (Using a USB cable and appropriate plug that suits your charging location.)

USB Cable:  The cable that connects to your battery when charging.  The USB cable can be connected to a wall plug, a port on your computer or your vehicle.

Wall Plug:  The plug that connects to your USB cable and plugs into the wall allowing you to charge your battery.

Auto Plug:  The plug that connects into your auto lighter or port allowing you to charge your battery in your vehicle.

This is a short list of words and terms that are related to e-cigarettes and vaping.  It is not all inclusive, but a good starting point to assist you on your vaping journey.