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New To Vaping?

There are several things you need to get started....

  1.  You need a Vaporizer Battery.  We suggest either the Kangertech®  650mAh Battery  or the   650mAh Variable Voltage Battery

    The 650 mAh Battery is a perfect starter Battery and will allow 6 to 7 hours of vaping before the Battery needs to be recharged.

    The 650 mAh Variable Voltage Battery allows you to adjust the power of the battery which assists in a better vaping experience depending on the type of e-liquid you are vaping.  This battery will stay charged for approximately 6 to 7 hours before it needs to be recharged.

    NOTE:  We believe that when you receive an order from Vapor A la Carte, that you should be able to start vaping right away so we FULLY CHARGE AND TEST YOUR BATTERY before we ship it to you.  You just need to turn it on, (on-off:  press “fire button” 5 times in 3 seconds) attach your Clearomizer and Vape away!!

  2. You need a USB Battery Charger  to charge your battery. The USB cable plugs into a computer and also into a USB Car Charger Adapter which we also stock. 

    NOTE:  You may want to charge your Battery from an electrical outlet in your home.  If so, you still need the USB Battery Charger AND you will need the Wall Plug Adaptor.  No matter how you choose to charge your battery, you need the USB Cable.  NOTE:  The micro-type USB Cable will not work on the two Batteries we are suggesting.

  3. You need a Clearomizer (also called a Tank). The clearomizer is the vessel you add your e-liquid to and attach to the battery.  The Kangertech® EVOD Clearomizer. (links below) is a “work horse” and works well with most e-liquids on the market today.  IF you are vaping the Guilty Pleasures e-liquids, consider purchasing the 2.5ohm Clearomizer.  You will see in our selection that there are three ohm levels we offer.


    The 2.5ohm provides a bit “cooler” vape and works well with most of the Guilty Pleasures e-liquids.
    The 2.2ohm provides a medium vape and will work well with the majority of the liquids on the market.
    The 1.8ohm offers a bit “warmer” vape and works well with the Guilty Pleasure Coffee and Chocolate Caramel e-liquid. NOTE:  The 1.8ohm works best with the Variable Voltage Battery we offer.

    NOTE:  The Clearomizer will last approximately 4 days with the original coil.  You can purchase Kangertech® Coil Head Replacements from our website that will allow you to change your coil for the EVOD Clearomizer and extend the life of the Clearomizer.  (The life of the Clearomizer varies by how much you vape each day and what type of e-liquid you are using. We estimate that life to be 3 to 4 weeks due to the numerous e-liquids and flavors in the market today.)  You will then need to purchase a new Clearomizer

    You may want to consider dedicating one Clearomizer for each e-liquid flavor you are vaping. 


  1.  You need a Vaporizer Battery
  2. You need a USB Battery Charger  (may need a Wall Plug Adaptor)
  3. You need a Clearomizer and should select the ohm rating based on what e-liquid you purchase.  (1.8, 2.2, 2.5)
  4. You may want to consider some Coil Head Replacements to extend the life of your Clearomizer. (As they will be your “matches/lighter” to warm your e-liquids.)

In Closing, visit our section that offers “Customized KITs”.  Most kits provide you with ALL of the above including a case and extra Battery and Clearomizer.  It is nice to have a second Battery that is charging while your other Battery is in use.  The KIT offers savings versus purchasing these products individually.

CALL US!!  We are truly here to help you in your Vaping Journey!!

817.430.4669 Central Time.  If we are here we will answer. If not, we will call you as soon as possible. Promise!